Recreational sessions once a week of 1 hour = £25.00 a month

Fees are paid monthly by direct debit

Initial bookings and tasters for classes must be booked with one of our admin team. Once the £7 taster session has been completed you have a period of one week to make membership and class fee payments. No classes can be attended without membership being paid and payment of all or partial fees being made. You risk losing your child’s place in a class if you do not make full payment prior to a new month. 

Sibling discount is offered for squad gymnasts only.

Nitro Gymnastics and trampolining runs on a school calendar. The monthly price has been calculated over the year based on 39 weeks of lessons being delivered.

The monthly price will not change depending on the amount of lessons in a month. No money will be collected in July for August.

Break down for recreational gymnasts attending 1hr session per week– 

11 months of payment at £25 = £275 a year

£275 / 39 lessons a year (approx) 

For more info on fees and to book a taster session, please fill in our registration form