Nitro Gymnastics Privacy Policy Statement –September 2020

Nitro Gymnastics - the data controller, is committed to providing its members with the highest levels of customer service. This includes protecting the privacy of its members and ensuring a secure online experience. Nitro Gymnastics Privacy Statement contains the following important information regarding the use of personal information.

  • What is personal information?

  • How Nitro Gymnastics collects personal information

  • How Nitro Gymnastics uses personal information

  • Who will use personal information?

  • When Nitro Gymnastics discloses personal information

  • Storage and security of personal information

  • Access to personal information


1.What is personal information?

Personal information is information about an individual who can be identified, or whose identity could be reasonably worked out, from the information stored.

2. How Nitro collects personal information

To deliver the services offered by Nitro Gymnastics, certain personal information is collected. Nitro collects personal information from individuals when:

  • The club registers to the region

  • An individual transfers from a club

  • The member enters or participates in an event or activity within the region

  • The individual participates in a course as a member of the region or as a helper

  • The individual or club requests information from Nitro Gymnastics

  • The individual or club provides information to Nitro Gymnastics

3. How Nitro Gymnastics uses personal information

Nitro Gymnastics will only collect information that is necessary for them to carry out the primary purpose of providing services relating to: membership within the region or learning and events run by the region. Personal information may be used in order to:

  • Provide the services required

  • Internal accounting and administration

  • Regulatory reporting and compliance

Nitro Gymnastics will also share information with British Gymnastics the sports’ National Governing Body, that provides our club insurance and annual membership services, and with specified third party providers when entering competitions, courses and events. Nitro Gymnastics will also share information with the Regional Technical Committee officers as required to complete the competitive transfer process as per the regions’ protocol.

Nitro Gymnastics will definitely share information with statutory agencies when there are any safeguarding concerns about a child, vulnerable adult or where allegations or concerns about a person’s suitability to be around children are raised. Any safeguarding concerns or poor professional conduct will also result in personal information of young people or adults being shared with British Gymnastics and or statutory agencies.


4. Who will use personal information

The Club Secretary, club officials (Director, welfare officer) may all have access to personal information of members or people of concern.
The Director will require names, qualifications of head or responsible coaches and names, addresses and training details (qualifications) of club officials to ensure compliance.

The Welfare Officers may have access to details including any confidential records on file relating to individuals. The Secretary will require information for the purpose of ensuring compliance for Governing Body membership, regional membership and financial records. External organisations including Technical Committees will be passed relevant information for competition entry, club transfer, course enrolment or accountancy compliance.

5. When we disclose personal information

Nitro Gymnastics discloses personal information to other organisations that is necessary to assist in providing services. The organisations include outsourced service providers who manage the services provided to members, including:

• Education or coaching services
• Insurance

• Competitions, events and safeguarding support, Regional Technical Committees and associations

Professional advisors, including accountants, auditors and lawyers

Government and regulatory authorities and other organisations, as required or authorised by law

Nitro Gymnastics limits the use and disclosure of any personal information to such organisations for the specific purpose for which it is supplied.
When an adult provides Nitro Gymnastics with personal information about children, Nitro Gymnastics relies on that adult to make the individual aware that the information has been provided to the Region and for what purpose, and to whom it may be disclosed and also how they can access their information.

6. Storage and Security of personal information

Nitro Gymnastics stores personal information on a password-protected computer. Nitro Gymnastics has implemented measures of a reasonable nature to ensure that all personal information is securely stored from misuse, loss and unauthorised handling.

7. Accuracy of personal information

Nitro Gymnastics takes reasonable steps to ensure that whenever personal information is collected or disclosed, it is accurate, complete and up to date. Data will be checked with the provider for accuracy on at least an annual basis.

8. Access to personal information

The member has a right to access their personal information, subject to some exceptions allowed by law. The member can gain access to their personal information by contacting the Director. The member may also advise the Club at any time about possible breaches of privacy, or inaccurate, incomplete personal information, or data that may have changed. Members have the right to have their data deleted, restricted or blocked from processing. This privacy notice is Any data breaches to personal data will be reported within 72 hours.